How to Respond to Customers Who Ask for an Extra Service?

If you want to excel in the service industry, please be up to the challenge for it has always been more pressuring than the product industry. Many customers of a service can be pretty demanding and critical. This is not surprising because they are in a direct contact with the experience of the service. This contact is one of the reasons why service providers have to be prepared in giving off themselves more to what they do.

In terms of exceptional customer service for Spas, you have to make it a point that your customers are satisfied for whatever it is worth. The management in this sense would need to have service standards in the views of the customers. Good thing, there are smart strategies that you can employ to make sure that you can handle customers who are asking for an extra service. What if though, your customers are asking for sexual favors which are not part of your job description?

Giving Extra Service to Customers

The truth is that you are unlikely to avoid being asked extra sexual favors. Massage has always been intimate, it is a skin to skin interaction between the massage Therapist and the customer. It is also a pleasurable experience. However, the intention is not for sexual gratification. There are times when massage therapies are required to be semi-nude. There are instances when they are naked too. This may happen even in a professional setting.

As a professional, how do you deal with the aforementioned situation? These are some of the tips:

  1. State your intention. Say you don’t perform such activity. Finish it with Ma’am or Sir. Tell the customer you will terminate the session and charge him in full if you will be forced.
  2. Always address your clients as Ma’am or Sir. This still needs to happen even if you are trying to set boundaries to customers. Do not ever call them by their first name because this can be pretty suggestive.
  3. Make sure that the establishment you work with has clear work ethics. Looking at this will help you a lot as well. The guidelines implemented would have to be reviewed too. They should include file management. There must be no exemptions to this.
  4. If you still cannot be in control of the scenario, do not hesitate to terminate the session. Afterward, you can ask the client to dress up and then settle the session by paying. You may leave the premises afterward.

As an employee to a spa, you can only do so much. Basically, the owner of the premises you work with would have a lot to say about this. For instance, you must have a manual which states that therapists have limitations to in having any other external physical relationships with their clients. There must also be a conscious effort to make sure that the room is not lit darkly. There are technicalities about this and they should be followed immediately.

Always know your rights, because you have a lot. This way, you will be able to give the most appropriate service to customers!

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