M-Bay Health Spa, Malate, Metro Manila

Specializes in the traditional authentic Shiatsu massage

M-Bay Health Spa traces its roots to the Holiday Inn Hotel (Trader’s Hotel) where Shiatsu Massage Therapy was first introduced. In 1977, the late Roberto S. Benedicto, who was at that time the Philippines’ Ambassador to Japan, brought with him, upon his return, two of the best Japanese Shiatsu trainers, Noriko San and Matsuda San, who were both commissioned to teach local masseuses the Shiatsu way. It was at the Holiday Inn Hotel that the successful trainees first practiced the original Shiatsu massage. Holiday Inn Hotel (Trader’s Hotel), located along Roxas Boulevard, was then owned by Mr. Roberto S. Benedicto himself.

In 1989, the Shiatsu massage practitioners group moved to a new location, the Manila Bay Health and Fitness Center, also located along Roxas Boulevard. One of these practitioners, Ms. Gloria Felipe, is currently the Master Therapist at the M-Bay Health Spa. After years of successful operation, the group finally transferred to the current location, Quirino Avenue in Malate, Manila, in 1993.

Today, under a new management, and carrying a new name, the M-Bay Health Spa. M-Bay Health Spa specializes in the traditional authentic Shiatsu massage, in addition to a range of other pampering services, to address your therapeutic needs. At the M-Bay Health Spa, tradition blends with modernity in its top-notch facilities. We strive to make each visit worth your while.

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Quirino Avenue 778
Manila 1004 NCR PH
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